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MFG Power Founded

First, battery pack inspection. Careful inspection of relevant components, because the standby power supply is not often put into use, whether the generator can start normally, the key lies in battery maintenance. If the battery pack has problems, the common situation is: there is voltage and no current, then you can hear the sound of the solenoid valve suction in the starting motor, but can not move the coupling. There are three reasons why the battery pack fails to shut down:

1. When the battery is stopped charging during the test, the battery will be insufficient.

2. The mechanical oil pump is driven by belt. The amount of oil pumped at rated speed is very large. However, the power supply of battery pack is insufficient. As a result, the spring sheet in the shutoff valve can not seal the fuel ejected from the four oil outlets due to the insufficient suction of solenoid valve, which makes it impossible to shut down.

3. Domestic batteries usually have a life of two years without regular replacement.


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